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Welcome to Nido Aguila San Diego

Nido Águila (or “Eagle’s Nest”) is the official soccer academy for Club América.  Within our academies we focus on the formation and promotion of values in children.  Our training methodology has produced great players and enjoyed great success during its 107 years of existence. 

The Nido Águila San Diego program began in March 2023 with a series of tournaments and tryouts.  Our Nido Águila Soccer Academy in San Diego, CA is an extension of the Club América development teams.  Our main objective is to develop players in the América methodology and bring the Club América experience closer to fans worldwide.

Our goal here at Nido Aguila is to provide young people with the ability to participate in one of the greatest sports in the world. Whether you are looking for a club where your child can learn how to play soccer or for a competitive arena for your player to hone their skills, we at Nido Aguila would be more than happy to be of service. Experience our premium soccer training options with our talented and knowledgeable coaches today.



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Eliud Campos

Eliud Campos

Nido Aguila San Diego Youth Director

Phone: (619)571-5420

Martin Gaminho

Martin Gaminho

Director of Coaching

Phone: (619)930-2837